Allonda University

Allonda University is an initiative that offers continuous learning to the company’s associates. The offered courses are free and seek to:

  • Reinforce the organizational culture
  • Perform integration and capacitation of newly hired personnel
  • Develop behavioral abilities
  • Inform about mandatory procedures
  • Teach technical procedures

We prepared many trainings that seek to develop the human and professional side of our workers. Moreover, Allonda’s ODL platform also works as another tool of control of knowledge of the teams, and with the support of areas, new content is always being used.

“The availability of knowledge with easy access is a way of multiplying our DNA so that everyone of us is prepared to reach our goals, in the direction of one purpose: transform engineering through sustainability.” Leo Cesar Melo – Allonda’s CEO

It’s possible to access the available courses through the link below or downloading the app by searching for “Allonda University” on the app store of your device.

Access the ODL platform here!