Allonda has developed a benefit for its caterers so they can improve their own cashier flow through the anticipation of receivables. Along with BBA Itaús Bank, the company provides exclusive lines of credit so that the components of the company and their supply chain can usurp.

The gains go beyond the anticipation of revenues with reduced fees, there are vantages such as:

  • Liberation of resources in up to five business days
  • Reduced fees to the practiced on the market
  • No collateral requirements

How it works

The interested must subscribe through Allonda’s website, which will make a previous evaluation and should give an electronic feedback to all. So, the caterers who are capable will receive an access key to BBA Itaú’s website with details of what they must do to formalize the benefit acquisition.

It’s important to highlight that it will be possible to anticipate receivables of values from Taxes that have deadline for receipt of over 60 days.

 Why did Allonda create anticipation of receivables for caterers?

We know how much our supply chain is important not only for the better course of our business, but also for the country’s economy. Through this benefit, Allonda intends to give a financial boost to our caters and, so, keep our partnerships economically healthy, long lasting and that really generate shared values to all parties involved.

How can I subscribe?

Allonda is getting in touch individually with all caterers to make this registration, but it’s also possible to subscribe to show interest. Fill out the form down below or click here. If you have any more questions, you should contact the responsible authority for your contract with Allonda.