Environmental Compensation

In big works, environmental compensation is a mechanism used to reduce the environmental impacts foreseen or already occurred on the implementation of the project.

Normally, the responsible for the implementation of a project signs a Term for the Adjustment of Conduct (TAC), which is the public commitment where there are, amongst other terms, the necessary environmental compensations for that work. The non-compliance of what was settled can result in environmental fines and stop the liberation of implementation licenses, installing and operation. That’s why having an environmental compensation project is fundamental.

The projects of environmental compensation in Allonda are unique and customized for each case and can be implemented as a preventive or emergency case. Our structure and expertise allow us to plan, develop and hand complete projects from beginning to finish, thanks to a highly qualified multidisciplinary team. We have complete domain over environmental legislation, especially in the Environmental Compensation Law aspect, therefore securing the technical and legal support to our clients.

Compensation project

The initial point is the wide and complete evaluation of meaningful impacts. From there on, it’s possible to indicate corresponding mitigating measures. Such evaluation is given through the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), which, along with the conclusion is present on the Environmental Impact Report (EIR).

Get to know the items that compose our project:

  • Evaluation over the characteristics of the polluting impact;
  • Specialized calculus to measure the environmental compensation;
  • Measurement of the potential CO credits;
  • Analysis over the compensation area;
  • Execution plan of the planting (dimensioning of workforce, equipment and input) or financial compensation;
  • Measurement of the execution time;
  • Necessary investment.

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