Environmental emergencies

Leakages, oil spills, structural failures, irregular disposals: it’s many the causes of an environmental emergency. In these cases, the most important thing is to act quickly and efficiently to hold back damages and remedy the occurred as fast as possible.

The acquired experience by Allonda in quick mobilizations over the top accidents in mining in Brazil puts us in a highlighted position in the market. However, ideally, it’s best that risks are mapped and mitigated before an environmental emergency can happen. That’s why, Allonda counts on a qualified experienced team to act on the survey of possible problems that can happen in industrial activities, such as mining, shipping of hazardous products, and so on.

Environmental emergency prevention projects

Through the mapping of risks, Allonda’s engineering team can offer solutions to mitigate failures that may end in an environmental emergency, through the implementation of systems, programs and initiative actions that seeks to suppress or unmotivated practices that lead to accidents.

This is the most possible efficient approach, that anticipates the problem and solves it with no environmental impacts.

Risks fix

To execute this type of project, the companies need to count on a partner capable of orchestrating system implementations, actions and procedures to assure a quick and efficient answer to accidents. It’s also crucial to prepare and train human resources, in addition to counting on different instruments and highly qualified team.

Mapping of risky areas

The previous knowledge over areas prone to risks of accidents is fundamental for public organs, private sectors and community that need to be prepared for casualties. The service in those cases must seek to the containment or minimizing of harmful effects to the environmental and population.

The identification of those areas are based on the relation between localization and characterization of potentially impactful activities, fragile or vulnerable sites, history of environmental accidents, contaminated areas and unities of accidents’ response.

Emergency action plan (EAP)

It’s a set of action plans previously elaborated to assist the occurrence of accidents. The objective is to stablish strategies and minimum requirements of action plans that will be applied between private and public organs and institutions, and community in case of an emergency.

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