Environmental remediation

Allonda develops engineering solutions for different environmental problems in contaminated areas, such as the removal of the contaminating source, reduction of undersoil and underwater contamination to environmental acceptable levels, as well as the reduction of environmental risks and of people exposition. We are known as the company with agile solutions – especially in cases of environmental accidents.

We act on the extermination of hazardous effects through confirmatory and detailed investigation, risks evaluation and definition of which remediation technologies must be used in the rehabilitation of the area, recovery, treatment of soils, adequate disposition of contaminated and non-contaminated sediments, among others. We use different treatment technics, such as the biological, thermal, chemical and physio-chemical.

Environmental remediation solutions

Allonda has experience in different environmental remediation solutions, specially turned to:

  • Detailed environmental investigation;
  • Confirmatory environmental investigation;
  • Identification of contaminated areas;
  • Preliminary environmental evaluation;
  • Environmental diagnose;
  • Rehabilitation of areas;
  • Soil recovery;
  • Revitalization of areas;
  • Environmental monitoring;
  • Soil treatment;
  • Treatment of contaminated sediments.

Application of environmental remediation

The environmental remediation is necessary whenever there’s soil, water or air contamination, that is, whenever there’s any dangerous effect for humans, fauna or flora and the environment. Environmental solutions turned to remediation are always vital whenever there’s:

  • Industrial contamination;
  • Contamination in residential areas;
  • Contamination in urban areas;
  • Forest and planting areas.

Environmental remediation technics

The types of environmental remediation are defined in situ (executed on the own contaminated field) or ex situ (outside of the contaminated area).

The main environmental remediation technics are divided among physics, chemistry and biology. It’s also possible to make a combination among them to get more powerful effects, such as, for example, what occurs on the usage of physio-chemical technics.

The definition of environmental remediation technic varies according to each type of contamination. See some examples:

  • Natural attenuation;
  • Hydraulic barriers (water barriers);
  • Reactive barriers;
  • Bioremediation;
  • Pumping and treatment of water;
  • Geotechnical encapsulation;
  • Vapor extractions.

Environmental remediation execution

The environmental remediation execution is done through engineering procedures with specific technical applications, which are previously defined in the process of confirmatory investigation, in which are determined the causes for contamination.

The impacts of non-execution of the service of environmental remediation can vary; they go from harm to human health to contamination of hydric bodies – compromising animals such as fish, which may also negatively impact the whole food chain.

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