Allonda is proud to take care or the environment and provide engineering solutions that help industries and infrastructure sectors to become more and more green friendly in a practical way. We’re prepared to act, whether it’s through the process of environmental engineering solutions turned to the productive process or reforestation as a way of environmental compensation due to legal requirements over the construction of big business ventures.

For the reforestation service, Allonda has tree nurseries and native seeds in operation and counts on the whole necessary structure for quick mobilization of new unities. More than marketing seeds, we elaborate the projects of basic, conceptual and executive management plans, as well as the operation of reforestation and monitoring success of planting, and the monitoring of Conduct Adjustment Agreements (CAA) along with environmental organs.

Before the growing pressure over ciliary forests and permanent preservation, associated with more and more precise and immediate inspections, the necessity for forest rehabilitation – that is, the reforestation – becomes bigger every day. Moreover, the necessity of global movements such as the Paris Agreement, which stimulate the public power, companies and society to implant effective solutions for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (the biggest responsible for the greenhouse effect), is getting more and more latent. The reforestation is one of the ways to it.

Application of environmental reforestation and compensation

The regeneration, reconstitution and environmental compensation is stipulated by law and applies to companies of different segments, such as the examples below:

  • Infrastructure;
  • Civil construction;
  • Power, specially in hydroelectric power plants;
  • Chemical industries;
  • Oil and gas industries;
  • Petrochemistry industries;

Forestry raw material consuming companies, such as wood and derived, are demanded reforesting the consumed equivalent to avoid forest deficit and fulfill the demand.

Reforesting as compensation, reconstitution, or regeneration

Environmental reforesting is also one of the main strategies for the effective reduction of the greenhouse effect. But, in addition to that, can also positively impact on:

  • Hydrographic basins performance improvement;
  • Degraded ecosystems improvement;
  • Biodiversity increase;
  • Soil conservation;
  • Water availability increase;
  • Microclimate relive;
  • Legal conformity meeting the company’s segment.

Services of environmental reforestation steps

Allonda executes services in the whole environmental cycle:

  • Definition of reforestation area;
  • Production of technical projects;
  • Selection of native seeds;
  • Seeds production;
  • Preparation and correction of soil;
  • Planting and maintenance of seeds;
  • Continuous moniroting;
  • Production of photographic and descriptive reports.

We have our own seed nursery already under operation in Brazil, and we count with the whole necessary infrastructure for a quick mobilization in new unities.

Management plan

Planted and native forests are managed by humans, so its impacts are minimized. To do so, there’s the Forestry Management Plan, which englobes social, economic and environmental aspects and define how the companies must act so as that there’s balance and control over the main generated impacts and assure sustainability in its operations.

Environmental Allonda offers structure for the elaboration of a Management Plan from many studies such as physical, biological and social, meeting the economic necessities of the client.

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