Silt Removal and Dredging

Silting is a common problem in industrial lagoons, tailings ponds, lakes and rivers, as well as directly impacts on the level of waterways drafts that grant access to maritime terminals. Silt removal constructions are complex solutions which need to be very well conducted, considering the objective of the project, the depth of the hydric body, and the types of sediments (contaminated or not), like the variables with area conditions.

Dredging is one of the known practices on the environmental market to solve this problem. Allonda is reference in quick mobilizations and counts on a multidisciplinary team, formed by engineers, oceanographers and specialists of the area, to develop solutions of customized dredging, that involve hydrographic assessments and geotechnical surveys, before and after each project.

More than solving silting problems, Allonda elaborates, executes, and manages the engineering project, besides holding accountability for the treatment and adequate disposition of the sediments. We are yet responsible for the biggest dredging operations of contaminated sediments in Brasil, an expertise of the company.

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