Dredging of contaminated material

In many cases, dredging in port channels, rivers, lakes and even in high seas involve the removal of contaminated sediments. Allonda has large experience in this kind of procedures, being responsible for the biggest works of dredging of contaminated material in the world.

Through its disciplinary team, the company is able to build a complete project, which goes from material removal, going through its treatment, dehydration and analysis for reutilization, to its final destination, when there are no alternatives.

Project of dredging of contaminated material

The same way as in situations with non-contaminated sediments, to build a dredging project for contaminated material it’s necessary to previously observe the following steps:

  • Basic dredging project;
  • Executive dredging project;
  • Detailing of technical criteria for the choice of equipment;
  • Detailed presentation of dredging methodology that will be used, with the memory of calculated productivity;
  • Attack plan of the work with complete planning, which includes mobilizing of personal equipment, tubulation installing, rigging plan and daily management for the dredging operation;
  • Analysis of the dredged material for tests of treatability.

Risks of dredging contaminated material

Counting on an experienced and specialized team makes a while difference in this kind of project. Any fail or execution problem can entail environmental crime and cause damages – in some cases, irreversible – for the environment.

Pioneer on the use of Geotubes® in Brazil, Allonda is always on the vanguard of treatment of dredged material, whether it’s on dehydration or reuse, using the concepts of circular economy to transform what once was waste in new raw material or product.

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