Silt removal of lakes and rivers

Lakes and rivers silted can impact on surrounding areas and cause giant disturbance for the population, such as floods. That’s why drainage solutions, storage and disposition of sediments – such as silt, sand and effluents – are important to increase the useful level of water resources.

To prevent this type of problem, more than removing silt from rivers and lakes in an emergency, it’s also necessary to execute dredging and maintenance with certain frequency. Allonda executes silt removal of lakes and rivers solutions, with wide knowledge on the variables of projects of silt removing and its social and environmental impacts.

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Solutions for silted rivers and lakes

Dredging, followed by the treatment and adequate disposition of waste, is one of the most recommended environmental solutions to solve problems of silted lakes and rivers. They are projects that offer good cost-benefit and which duration varies in depending on the extension of the hydric body, the objective of the silt removal and some environmental variables.

The engineering projects of dredging in Allonda involve the following steps:

  • Setting of to be dredged material level;
  • Hydrographic assessments;
  • Lab tests;
  • Field study for characterization of silt;
  • Dimensioning of equipment (specially dredges) to be used;
  • Treatment method of the dredged sediments;
  • Adequate disposition of waste.

Causes for silt removal in rivers and lakes

The silt removal is defined when the hydric body has accumulation of sediments on the soil, which normally are brought by rain and wind. The causes are innumerable, but this deposition is common due to processes such as erosive, sailing or even by the throw of industrial waste or sewage.

The silt removal is, then, an environmental solution that removes such sediments discarded with the passing of time – which can be, also, sand and dirt – at the bottom of lakes and rivers.

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