Industrial waste management

The industrial activities are generating sources of high waste volume – solids, semisolids, liquids and gaseous. If wrongfully managed, those materials can contaminate the soil and water table, endangering the quality of water, for example. Allonda develops customized solutions for the management of Class I and Class II industrial waste. We have strong experience in directed services for a whole cycle: colleting, transportation, storage, sorting, destination and valorization.

Solutions for waste management

  • Diagnose and management plan of industrial waste;
  • Elaboration of technical paperwork, work plans and ART;
  • Planning of physical and operational control;
  • Industrial waste collection;
  • Industrial waste management;
  • Inventory and characterization of industrial waste;
  • Treatment and customized studies for the valorization of industrial waste;
  • Internal shipping of industrial waste;
  • Management and operation of internal industrial waste plants;
  • Destination of industrial waste for external shipping;
  • Adequate environmental disposition of industrial waste;
  • Management of leachate waste;
  • Treatment of leachate waste.

Industrial waste management legislation

In Brazil, the Law 12.305/2010 defines the order and priority of the management of industrial waste like this:

  • Non-generation;
  • Reducing;
  • Reusing;
  • Recycling;
  • Treatment of waste (solid, semisolid, liquid, and gaseous);
  • Adequate final disposition on the environment.

Allonda, through its multidisciplinary technical team, builds green customized solutions according with client’s framework.

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