Technical industrial cleaning

Allonda has series of maintenance and cleaning services with the objective of keeping the integrity of industrial equipment. Through periodical procedures of sanitation, we help the industry keep it’s productive chain working, without losing the efficiency of the factories. We also execute the decontamination of silts when necessary. We act, specially, on the management of industrial stoppages – the famous technical stoppages.

The applications of technical industrial cleaning

  • Cleaning of cooling towers;
  • Cleaning of emergency tanks;
  • Cleaning of rainwater system;
  • Cleaning of underground galleries;
  • Cleaning of container system;
  • Cleaning of industrial system;
  • Cleaning of gas washers;
  • Cleaning of STS – Sewage Treatment Station;
  • Cleaning of WTP – Water Treatment Plant;
  • Cleaning of WTS – Wastewater Treatment Station.

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