Treatment of sanitary sewage

Allonda has a wide knowledge in relevant case studies turned to the treatment of sanitary sewages. Our portfolio of solutions range: collecting, removal, treatment, operation, digestion and destination of silts, from the liquid and solid phases, including projects of energy generating through ETEs silts. We also act with solutions to generate water for reuse from domestic sewages.

We believe and practice circular economy in our projects, and, that’s why, we strongly invest in developmental researches (P&D).

Technologies of sanitary sewage treatment (ETE)

We count of multidisciplinary technical team that develops solutions for all cycle of sewage, from the removal to the generation of water for reuse. Our projects accommodate from low volumes – unfamiliar generation, for example – to high volumes generated by populations of a while county.

We work with many technologies of sewage treatment, amongst them: aerobic biologic, anaerobic biologic and inside those we act with technologies such as activated silts, MBBR, MBR with membranes of ultrafiltration, UASB (RAFA), wetlands, lagoons and stabilization of biological filters, among others.

Reutilization of ETE silts

Silts are also an Allonda concern. It’s part of our purpose to insert the concept of circular economy in all our projects. That’s why, we always study the reuse of silts generated by ETEs, including the generation of energy.

The most common applications are connected to the production of fertilizers and biomass or biogas, which have a high calorific level and generate electric energy from its fire. In all cases the reusing method of the silt depends on the study and analysis of our technical team, who will point out the most viable and adequate solution. The positive reflexes of this process are in the deduction of expanses with logistic and disposition of waste and the economy with inputs in other cycles.

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