Treatment station of industrial effluents

Allonda serves many industrial segments and has wide experience in the treatment of generated effluents by its clients. Our solutions are always customized and elaborated in a way that seeks to meet the necessities of our client, in a way that the objectives of the treatment are met.

In addition to that, we act in the trash pickup and carry out trials of previous and specific treatability, whether it’s in our own labs or through partnerships with renowned companies, all in integral accordance with all resolutions on the National Environment Council (Conama). Allonda, in specific cases, can invest, operate and after contract expiration transfer the actives to the final client, while in this period there’s only payment for the fees of volume of water consumed.

We are known for innovating, specially in cases of effluents treatment in high level of contamination. It’s two decades of experience in projecting, operating and implementing stations of treatment and industrial discard with systems of different levels of complexity.

Solution for industrial effluents

Projecting, implementing and operating treatment stations of every size, with aerobic and anaerobic biological treatments and physiochemical treatment, is part of our long list of solutions. Our team of specialists already carried out projects in many projects in different sectors, such as mining, steel industry, metallurgy, fertilizing, food, drinks, chemistry, petrochemistry, and paper pulp.

In the case of industrial effluents, the prevention is every practice that reduce or remove – whether it’s in volume, concentration or toxicity – the pollutant charges in the generating source, that is, in the own industries. This calls for an upgrading of equipment, processes or procedures, reformulation or planning of products, as well as the substitution of raw materials and toxic substances that result on the improvement of environmental quality.

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