Water treatment station

Optimizing the hydric resources is a task that demands efforts from all sectors of society, and Allonda is completely aware of that. Whether it’s for the decrease of consumption, sensible use, or conscious consume and reuse: regardless of the objective of the project, we have the know how and the specialized team to develop engineering green friendly solutions focused on the management of the cycle of water.

We act on projects of treatment of water for public usage turned to different types of industries, agrobusiness and infrastructure segments. We carry out engineering projects for the sectorization and mediation of consume loss deduction and implementation of customized solutions for each productive process.

Besides, we have an important differential. In all our works we involve our clients in actions of sustainability and programs of environmental education and sensible use of water. These programs happen in 100% of our operations and are turned not only to our employees and of the client, but also to the surrounding community and outsourced companies.

Technologies for the treatment of water

We have expertise on the provision of treat water with many ends, including the treat of river waters, fountains, wells and from rainwater drainage. Besides, we work on the recycling and generating reusable water. We deliver drinkable water for human consumption and meet the quality standard set by the Health Ministry and industrial water inside the parameters of process set by our clients.

We are in the entirety of the cycle of waters; capture, add, treat, and distribute water. We project, build, and operate in conventional water treatment stations (ETA), through coagulation, flocculation and filtration processes. We also develop stations with advanced technologies such as dissolved air floatation, ultrafiltration in membranes, electrocoagulation, reverse osmosis, ionic change, and advanced oxidation, among other processes.

Water reuse

The reuse of water from process of rains is more than a financial necessity of cost deduction and optimizing of resources; it’s a matter of environmental high priority.

Allonda develops engineering projects in unites of reuse and is capable of executing the implementation of systems for water reuse in many processes – from irrigation of gardens and floor washing, to demineralized water for industrial processes.

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