Ethics Channel

Allonda has a strong compromise with the integrity and sustainability values inside its organizational structure. We worry about receiving and hearing the demands of our public of interest and, for this reason, we bring forth the Ethics Channel. Through it, all people, entities, clients, communities, and others affected by the situation have a voice.

All information received through the channel are delegated directly to the Management Council and treated independently from the current organizational structure. The President of the Council is responsible, has authority and independence to receive, analyze, evaluate, treat, monitor, answer (whenever possible) and evaluate the efficiency of the actions taken from the complaints.

The Ethics Channel can receive various demands about legislation violations, regulations, contractual purposes with the client, providers, and associates (employees and third parties), neighborhood nuisance, Code of Ethics/Code of Conduct principles and other Allonda rules.

Any party affected can use the channel, whether it’s an employee, clients, providers of products, independent contractors, surveillance authorities, trade unions, associations, members of the community, NGOs, professional regulation entities, and others.

Want to contact the Ethics Chanel?

Write to Your claim will be received by the President of the Administration Council and Allonda (or a person directly and specifically designed by it), who will help you.