Innovation is a value for Allonda and permeates every action of strategy. We seek to develop, in a constant way, new processes, products and services with the idea of promoting customized solutions to our clients, taking care of environment, and contributing with the sustainability of the planet. Through the constant improvement and keeping vanguard we are capable of making a different with effective, customized solutions that adds values to clients, associates and society.

To stimulate innovation and put in practice, we invest in inside Research and Development and also in partnerships, that can be universities, research centers, startups, among others, always with one goal: provide smart management of resources in a sustainable way.

The results of this work show in our deliveries. An example of this are the solutions based in nature, that use or mirror the natural processes to effectively contribute for the better management of water, through technology of phytoremediation. The use of those solutions is versatile and can be set for many applications, such as the treatment of rainwater, effluent treatment for the agricultural reuse, industrial reuse, post-treatment or drainage and mineralization of silt.

And not always the innovation comes from the use of complex technology. Many times, simple solutions are innovative and promote highly effective results. It’s the case of the sustainable gardens, that unites small, eco-efficient initiatives of very low cost to raise the value of work handed out to our clients, as well as the reuse of waste and use of solar energy.