Integrated Management System

The Integrated Management System (IMS) takes place in the main tool used by Allonda to secure and maintain its Corporative Governability. It’s been around since 2008 and, currently, assists the requirements of the following norms:

  • ISO 0991 (*) – quality
  • ISO 12001 (*) – environment
  • ISO 45001 (*) – health and safety in the workplace
  • ABNT NBR 16001 – social responsibility
  • ISO 37001 – anti-corruption
  • ISO IEC 27001 – security and information
(*) certified system by independent, accredited supervisory.

Based on the management of the processes, we use methods to identify and control risks related to our operations, whether they originate from social, environmental, economic or health and work safety – that is, including all sustainability premise. Those controls are made available in a transparent way for all interested parties.

As a complement, the President of the Administration Council is designated to perform the function of Compliance Officer to, with the operational support of the SGI Manager, receive and treat independently the eventual demands and complaints made by any affected or interested party.

System of Quality Management

Based on its strategic planning, Allonda unfolds its guidelines, goals, indicators, and action plans necessary to reach the expected results. We use the concepts of “risk mentality” and “management by processes” in the related definitions to the conduction of our business and our operational activities. Those definitions include the identification and the fulfillment of the resources of necessity, such as methods, competences, infrastructure, feedstocks, work conditions and means of control and/or monitoring.

As part of its market strategy, Allonda adopts several technics for the collecting of data analysis related to the perception of the satisfaction level of our clients. We’ve reached improvement by constant search of new solutions for the execution of supplying, simplification and automation in tasks and decrease of the necessity of resources for the obtention of desired results.

Management System for Health and Safety in the Workplace

Protect the physical integrity and prevent occupational diseases in our professionals and associates are premises of any activity of operational planning and execution inside Allonda.

We identify hazards and risks, define, and apply necessary controls, including those related to the fulfillment of necessity and monitoring of environmental conditions in the workplace and health and safety indicators, always with the participation and inquiry to workers.

The necessary competences are obtained through a series of initiatives and include awareness campaigns, specific treatment, and security dialogues.

Environmental Management System

Allonda’s management contemplates, intrinsically, the identification of aspects and impacts related to its activities and the establishment of measurable environmental goals.

The necessary controls are defined to prevent pollution, reduce our consumption of natural recourses and waste production, always considering going beyond the simple meeting of legal requirements and contractual procedures.

Careful is also present in our market relations, in which we are always developing new solutions to meet our clients, whenever possible, based in the concepts of circular economy.

The motto “pride in taking care of the environment” is not only an ad sentence, but a permanent pledge taken by all who stablish the criteria for a decision making in Allonda.

Management System and Social Responsibility

When stablishing a system of social responsibility, Allonda intends to put in evidence all its commitment in meeting the obligations related to respect of universal human rights, to the protection of children and teenagers, and to the fulfillment of the labor rights.

We identify the obligations, whether it is to meet legal parameters, or the subscription of taken requirement voluntarily, and determine the adequate actions to train and raise awareness among our workers and associates.

Moreover, we have a channel that allows the press of complaints and/or concern from workers and interested and affected parties. From there, it is possible to investigate and apply possible correction and accountability in case of identified violations.

Anti-bribery Management System

More than a proof of its honesty, Allonda uses the diagnose of risks and the implementation of politics, procedures, and controls, to avoid or mitigate passives or loss of actives generated by infractions or crimes that can be related to its activities.

Management System of Information’s Security

Allonda follows the national and international regulations related to the theme – such as the General Law of Data Protection (GLDP) – and beyond. We assess risks and define controls that provide higher reliability in our personnel, associates, clients, and pertinent monitoring entities about the protection of secrecy and integrity of the data we deal with.

Green Purchases’ Program

Allonda stablishes a program to encourage its associates to adopt green practices related to social, work, environmental, and economic aspects. The team involved in this initiative gives necessary support to the stakeholders of the program and monitors the obtained results.

SGI Politics – Integrated Management System

Through SGI, Allonda seeks to provide Green Environmental Solutions with the growing and development of the Organization supervised for an ongoing betterment, provided specially by the improvement of Management, Communication, and Innovation. We apply “Risk Mentality” in all our processes, mapping threats, opportunities and action plans in advance to provide:

  • Sustainability of business;
  • SGI conformity in our applicable norms;
  • Increasing of client’s satisfaction;
  • Prevention of pollution with emphasis on the green use of natural resources;
  • Reduction or elimination of hazardous exposition to danger, injury and occupational diseases through the engagement of all – specially the leaders -, through the use of hierarchy of control and by the practice of consultation and participation of the involved parties in the decision making;
  • Better Governability and Compliance for decision making and implementation of actions in search for the meeting of requirements of social responsibility and integrity;
  • Products and services in conformity with the legal, contractual and other requirements generated by the interested parts;
  • Developing leadership and engagement of coworkers and third parties through the provision of competences, acknowledgement and a safe and healthy environment;