Civil Construction

Allonda is an engineering company focused on environmental solutions that for over two decades serve the market of civil construction, as well as designers. We have our own team of specialist engineers, with a technical acquis rich in experience in more than 500 done projects in Brazil and Latin America. With a highlight in governing, we have in our curriculum operations such as dredging, silt removal, water management, waste management, environmental and infrastructural remediation. Our solutions have as its premise to aggregate shared value. Therefore, we solve engineering problems, mitigating socioenvironmental and economic risks, and consequently, promoting sustainability.

Main Solutions for Civil Constructions

  • Hydric Management

  • Reuse and/or water recycle

  • Water Treatment Plant – WTP

  • Treatment for Industrial Effluents – TIE

  • Sewage Treatment System – STS

  • O&M Services (including revamping or not) of WTP and STS.

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