Ports and Waterways

Allonda is known for acting with safety and efficiency in all its operations. Has modern e Chemistryipment of high performance and less environmental impacts for liberating less CO2. That’s because here we make engineer in a different way: we put sustainability as our protagonist, mitigating environmental and economic risks. Each work we develop the Environmental Monitoring Plan which guarantee the continuous monitoring of environmental variables, identify the conditions of natural resources, making it possible to verify eventual impacts and alterations on the environment.

Main Solutions for Ports and Waterways

  • Waterway maintenance

  • Port infrastructure

  • Draft increase

  • Silt removal of lakes and rivers

  • Maritime dredging

  • Coast engineering

  • Canal engineering

  • Slope recovery

  • Marine contention

  • Coast protection

  • Geotechnical investigation

  • Continental and oceanic disposal

  • Treatment of contaminated material

  • Hillside recovery

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