Pulp and Paper

Allonda develops customized engineering projects to solve specific problems of Pulp and Paper industry. We aim for the higher utilization of the used raw material, valuing waste, whether it’s through volume reduction for storage, transportation or reuse, instigating circular economy. We add value to the productive process, in all fronts of the paper market (packing, printing and writing, tissue, paperboard, press, etc.) and pulp (short and long fiber, and high-performance dough), promoting projects of recovery of the main wastes of the process: dregs, lime mud, grifts, husks, biological sludge, and lignin.

Main Solutions for Paper and Pulp

  • Hydric Management

  • Reuse and/or water recycle

  • Water Treatment Plant – WTP

  • Treatment for Industrial Effluents – TIE

  • Sewage Treatment System – STS

  • EPC of Treatment Stations

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