Sanitation seeks to take care of population’s health serving the supplying of drinkable water, garbage collection and sewage treatment, urban cleaning and other activities related to the physical, social and mental well-being. It’s unquestionable the importance of the fulfillment of all social actions in the viability and maintenance of the counties, including public domain, companies of the private sector and civil society. Allonda has been fulfilling its role in executing solutions of relevance for its clients on the segments of sanitation knowing that the main positive impacts of its services are for the population. In those two decades of action, we provide solutions linked to water supply, sanitary sewage, among others.

Main Solutions for Sanitation

Main Solutions for Sanitation

  • Hydric Management

  • Reuse and/or water reuse

  • Project of construction of water and sewage treatment stations

  • Project, construction and reconditioning of water distribution companies, including reservoirs

  • Project, construction and reconditioning in sewage collection companies, including lifting stations

  • O&M Service (including revamping or not) of STSs and WTPs

  • Losses (physical/commercial)

  • Global maintenance of plants (water and sewage)

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