Value Chain

When it comes to the value chain, Allonda has a systematic vision and approach to make sure that green actions are present in every step of its activities – from the relationship with providers and partners to the destination of generated waste. We have deep knowledge in all linkages that compound this chain in each of our market of action, and it’s this know-how that allows us to elaborate and apply engineering solutions in a more accurate way.

Get to know more about our chain value management:

Green Providers

The relationship with our stakeholders is fundamental for the sustainability of the business and the providers are an important part of it. The way we make relation in all interested parts in our job, we have as an objective act proactively in the risk management involved with the providers and offer shared value.

All providers and associates of Allonda’s business are related and evaluated according to criteria of performance and sustainability. The contraction demands commitment with our human rights guidelines and the conformity with our code of ethics.

Just like in all links of our chain of value, we always work for the development of our providers. Whenever possible, we invest in the hiring of local partners, so it’s possible to contribute in the most effective way with neighborhood regions where we act.

In addition to that, we encourage the raise of questions, demands and complaints in relation not only to our activities, but also any person or company that works with us, through our reporting channel.

Development of Solutions

Sustainability permeates every business cycle in Allonda – since the first attempts of our commercial area to the tracking of pre-sales, when a construction or project is already done. More than promoting engineering solutions that respect legislation, we put the socioenvironmental development in the center of decisions. We’ll always choose technological routes of less impact; invest in innovation to rethink processes and we’ll have our professional team with the same purpose in the execution of their activities.

Our development of solutions is based in cutting-edge technology and is done by people. Besides from maintain a highly trained, multidisciplinary technical team, we seek to promote a favorable environment for innovation in all aspects. We have initiatives that promote diversity and inclusion, and endorse respect and trust, always with the purpose of generating pride in who is part of our company. These are the main reasons that enabled us the Great Place to Work (GPTW) certification.

Acting in different sectors

Our search for engineering transformation is, also, a way of seeking transformation of society itself. We work to hand value through solutions in sewage, management, and hydric efficiency, among others, for many segments in the market. This way, we transform diversification in more and more opportunities of innovation.

Solid waste

It is impossible to execute green engineering activities without putting in practice concepts of circular economy and this includes waste management. Allonda has a strong commitment with management of solid waste and with the constant leveling of percentages and reuse or recycling in all waste generated by its operations

Through recycling and reuse, we seek to minimize the impacts of our actions on the environment. This is part of our corporative strategy and of all our projects and works handed to clients. This is a commitment that we settle not only for the industry development and other sectors we serve, but also for the next generations and the planet as a whole.