Who we are

We put green actions as the protagonist in our solutions to truly generate shared value.

Develop engineering solutions itself is already a big challenge, something we do for over two decades through innovation, operational security and a highly qualified team. But, here in Allonda the challenge is even bigger.

Our solutions are developed to positively impact all interested parties, mitigating risks in the making, execution, and operation of the project. To guarantee this, all our performance indicators – of 100% of the company’s area – are framed on the triple bottom line (environmental, social and economic).

We contribute daily and effectively with the spread of the Objectives on Sustainable Development by UN. That’s because sustainability is in our strategy, not only in the execution of activities always based in green principles, but also due to the promotion of initiatives of social responsibility of 100% of our operations.



Transform engineering through sustainability.


Take pride in promoting green solutions above the expectations of our clients, respecting the rules and laws, and generating richness for us and society as a whole.


Everything that defines Allonda.

Continuous improvement is Allonda’s premise. Only this way can we keep the vanguard and make a difference with effective, customized solutions and which adds value to clients, stakeholders, and society.


Our accomplishments

Stamps and Certifications

Worried about maintaining the highest levels of quality and trust in our projects, Allonda has stamps and certifications that endorse good practices known internationally, whether they are security and quality or organizational culture and workplace, and even directed to amplify diversity and inclusion in the company.

Strategic Map


Pilers of Growth



Allonda practices in 100% of its projects conducts of short, medium, and long term that guarantee none, or very low, environmental impact. The investment in ISO is an example of action always marked by this optic, stimulating our clients and partners to adopt the cause themselves.



Allonda believes that it’s knowing the public related to the activities of the company (clients, providers, workers, community, partners, etc.) and generating actions that stimulate personal and collective development, with legitimate and healthy ambiances, that relevant and everlasting results are generated.



More than managing financial resources, but performing the production, distribution, and consumption of good and services in a balanced way. It’s through the fair competitiveness, good work conditions and harmony with those relations that it’s promoted the sustainable economic development.